Tim Winstanley  put on his reporter’s hat today and  sent me the following blog post. Thanks Tim (I haven’t mastered the cedilla yet)

Dear Bill,

There was fair collection of volunteers on duty this morning, engaged mainly in ongoing tasks such as making new foundations for the storage PODs, gardening, platform cleaning and strimming.  Not that all this isn’t valuable, of course, it’s just that at this time of year, when we aren’t on holiday or putting on special events, we seem to be running to keep up – especially with the vegetation, both the planted and the invasive varieties.  So, in particular order, here are:

Mary, ridding the pots of unwelcome visitors:


Two Starks a-strimming:



and Bill overseeing the foundations work:


Can there be sexier shorts than those – I don’t think so! Ed.


With the 8 (7 visible) perfectly aligned, entirely level and correctly spaced foundation slabs (we hope) ready for POD moving day – coming soon.  After that we can build some more foundations for our new container and (finally) move some of the paint etc out of the staff ‘office’!  Which, though much effort has been involved, will be very much worthwhile!


Meanwhile, colleagues from elsewhere ‘up the line’ continue with the repair of our slag-stone wall on Platform 1 and soon will begin the work to finish off Platform 2.  For which assistance many thanks to the PLC, B&S etc.


Finally, I thought I might challenge the view that the CAG are somehow less than cheerful.


Or at least this lot seem amused by this morning’s events, or maybe one of their number’s teeth were in the process of being doughnutted together?


Anyway, thanks to all for their sterling efforts.