Friday at CRC Station

A report from Bob Stark:-


Dear Bill,
    A short report with a couple of images of work completed and in hand by the stalwarts from B&S. Ros and I went up to the station this morning to deal with a security issue and do some gardening on Platform 2 without interruption from normal operations. With the technical task completed I was relegated to digging duties whilst Ros planted some new recruits for our small garden and we further improved the irrigation system that will be required when we are denied access to Platform 2 during the surfacing operations.
    As we noted earlier in the week, Building and Services have been active working on rebuilding the collapsed sections of slag stone wall on Platform 1. This work has been a source of “angst” for the Cheltenham Area Group for some time and it is great to finally see progress. The downside is that next year we will have lost our UXB (UneXploded Bomb) site for the Wartime in the Cotswolds event, but that is a price we are prepared to pay.
    Image 1: The repaired section of slag stone wall on the Platform 1 access ramp, now reinforced with concrete blocks behind the original stone facade.
    Image 2: Work in progress at the bottom of the Platform 1 access ramp.
    There will be a full report tomorrow.