Yesterday at CRC Station

Bob Stark reports:-
Dear Bill,
    This short report has been delayed and sadly I did not have my camera with me yesterday. It was however a busy day at CRC station with several teams hard at work on our estate infrastructure.
Andy Protherough with Chris and Alistair were again uncovering our trackside sedge drain chambers and excavating the debris from within. Andy and I went to visit the top of embankment drainage system that has failed and resulted in water flooding into the cutting near to the stored rolling stock for several years. Sadly mother nature thwarted us and the under (and over) growth has made access very difficult. A session with brush cutters and strimmers will be required before we can again see what needs to be done.
Pete Dickinson, Michael and Ken from B&S were again busy rebuilding the collapsed wall area at the bottom of the Platform 1 Ramp. We now all seem to be agreed that following the scalping the Platform 1 embankment is stable.
Pete and Trevor from the Loco Department were present at the water tank “winterising” the walls to protect our investment in the water treatment plant installed under the tank.
And finally, Neil Carr and his team from S&T were hoping to finish painting and servicing the distant signal on the Hunting Butts side of the Evesham Road bridge. This signal post we recovered from the Honeybourne Line many years ago with a promise that it would be replanted as close as we could place it to Cheltenham on our running line. That is another story and at some stage I will search my images for the story of its recovery to go on our history page.

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