A Tuesday Special

I spent  a pleasant and productive morning at CRCS with Tim Winstanley shifting the 1st of the MOD Demountable Storage Units (lovingly known as PODS and we don’t know why! ) to a  temporary position in anticipation of placing both PODS in a new location. This will make way for a new 20ft ISO Container, which is to be used for general  equipment storage.


The lifting task was  carried out by Vic Haines Transport and what an excellent job they did. Ben the driver/operator took great care to ensure the job was done to our satisfaction and it was completed without any mishaps. You can see our makeshift spreader bars, required to ensure the roof line did not get crushed. The actual unit looks like something Tim Peake might have returned in from the space station. Not a pretty sight!


This was the area vacated by the POD and now requires revamping with new footings to accommodate both PODs.


Here the POD is in its new temporary location, sitting firmly and squarely on the quarter railway sleepers chopped up last week.

This story will continue over the coming weeks as we make further progress.

You will have gathered that Tim Winstanley (not Peake!) was behind the camera and therefore his hard work is not evidenced in the pictures. However I did catch him on camera responding to request from a very pleasant couple to have their picture taken on a GWR bench sponsored by the lady’s father.

2016-06-21 11.07.46