And it Didn’t Rain…..

Tim Reports:-


Remarkably for this last few days in Gloucestershire it didn’t rain whilst the Saturday morning group were at work at CRC today.  However, the signs of previous day’s deluges were there for all to see – with piles of debris strewn across the tarmac areas.  However Paul L was out early with his mate Billy and they made short work of tidying up.  We would, I hope, now be able to manage 2 platforms – if and when P2 comes on line.


Elsewhere Dave G and Mick were doing some further painting prep on the Lamp Hut (Billy’s lair) whilst a small gardening team (Maurice, Mary & Dave T) attacked the overgrown hedge adjacent to the car park.


Jo “Steptoe” Roesen and his Broadway partner (Steve?) in crime!

Some guests appeared from ‘up the line’ to borrow one of our unused posts – as a template for new ironwork at Broadway.  Always ready to help those less fortunate we loaded one of these immensely heavy objects into a nearby BMW without (I hope) wrecking the suspension.


Meanwhile, in the absence of Team Stark, I attached what has become known as Lewis’s stump!  After a further wrangle with axes, loppers, saw and spade the stump finally gave up the ghost and is no more.   The suggestion that I move onto the adjacent remains of a substantial oak as the next victim proved risible as nothing short of a small amount of explosive or a JCB is likely to shift that one.  As such, I resorted to admiring Ros and Bob’s P2 garden.

Further along was evidence that it is not only in Flanders Field where poppies grow:


A nice display and one which Bob, before departing for foreign climes, suggested I might like to water.  As it turns out, after last week, watering is the last thing we need to do.

Meanwhile, much discussion took place at tea break:image007

Caption competition time!

Bob Stark: “Well who did bring the doughnuts then?”

Paul Sucksmith:

All I ask for is a Jam doughnut now and again and what do I get?”

 “Have you seen the price of the those seed potatoes!

“I’m gonna put something in his coffee one day……




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