Saturday 11th June 2016 – More Progress

Bill Reports:-

There were 12 Volunteers signed in for duty today and although a damp sort of day, it did not stop good progress being made on a number of fronts.

On arrival on  Saturdays its always comforting  to hear either the mower or, as in today’s case, the Billy Goat in action, ensuring that CRCS is looking as smart as possible for the travelling pubic.

2016-06-11 09.34.49

The Ledamun Brothers, Paul and Bob, do such a fine job –  as in the above picture, keeping the paths clear, the grass  mown and verges well trimmed.

Over on Platform 2 the battle was continuing to remove the stubborn tree stump. Lewis and Andrew Stark were attempting to get the better of it today,  and returned with tales of progress and  of course on the receiving end of lots of “good” advice – a la ” have you tried….’. Well, unfortunately the stump remains – chopped, hacked, sawn, levered but unrepentantly still in place. Sorry there’s  no photo of the villain (Not Bob, He’s on holiday) but the stump.

Elsewhere plants, flowers, and shrubs were being watered. However the Blog paparazzi  were shunned – partly because there was probably too much flesh on show……

For my part I enjoyed helping Mick and Tim retrieved the power cable between the 2 PODs, and clearing and levelling the ground between them, which will allow the next steps to be taken to bring a 20ft container onto site.2016-06-11 09.42.23

Here Mick and Tim return from emptying barrow loads of rubble from the site in question. It was then a matter of digging out and extracting the armoured cable.

After a good deal of huffing and puffing the cable was finally retrieved!

2016-06-11 10.12.20

It remained then to level the surface and admire the end result.  I alluded to the end result as being as level as a cricket pitch – which was a mistake because the am dram instinct came to the fore and we had a cricket match on our hands……

2016-06-11 11.49.21

Thanks to everyone in attendance today – I know Stephen was one of the unsung heroes strimming Platform 1. I will just have to move faster!



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