Thursday 9th June – Moving things Along

Tim Winstanley must have had his 3 Wheatabix today as he put some time in shifting 15 freshly quartered sleepers from the compound  to an area adjacent to the perimeter fence, where we plan to install a 20ft ISO Container. This involved a trek with a wheelbarrow from the southern end of platform 1, up the platform ramp and back along the fence line.


The area in the picture above, shows the approximate location of the container.

The sleepers had previously been cut up into quarters on Monday by Chris Howl – cheers Chris!

Not  satisfied with shifting the sleepers, Tim moved on to trying his hand at removing  a tree stump. Contending with  Mother Nature is always a tough challenge and the extra  Wheatabix was of no help! The stump remained to fight another day.

Nevertheless, Tim looks pretty pleased with himself  – the first Volunteer selfie I think?



Big Boys Jenga anyone!



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