Saturday 4th June – A Morning with the Glums! (bar 1)

2016-06-04 11.15.39

And they’ve just had doughnuts!

Of course I jest – 12 Volunteers were on duty today and lots of valuable work was done. I will finish with Bob’s report which has much of the nitty gritty in it.

From my point of view the challenge was to get another load of redundant materials out of the compound under the Evesham Road Bridge in order to finally fill the skip before it is taken away next week. Predictably once you start on these spring clean exercise you can easily find enough to fill another skip! However, that will have to wait for another time.

While I was under the EVR Bridge and was gazing around looking for the meaning of life, I could not help but notice the craftsmanship that is required to lay the bricks in the arches of a skew bridge. The architectural design and the skill of the bricklayers was incredible.


2016-06-04 11.01.40

2016-06-04 09.49.15



2016-06-04 09.48.32

Another digression – Merchant Navy 35006 and the Ivatt  46521 were on duty today and put on a good display for the enthusiasts –  46521 taking on both water and  a young footplate enthusiast. This may be controversial but I just can’t take to the look of this loco  – the later  BR designs always had us trainspotters groaning  – we warmed to Peaks more than these!

2016-06-04 11.54.47

And Now for Bob’s report:-

Dear Bill,
    I am anticipating that as you were armed with your camera this morning you will be reporting on the work carried out. Here is short report from yours truly with a couple of images
    I disconnected the 2 ex-army containers (PODs) from the mains supply in anticipation of your moving them to a nearby new location to allow the 20ft ex-shipping container to be installed for all our gardening equipment. As I laboured to disconnect the supply I discovered how well Andy Bint had installed the heavy duty cables in the first place within ducting and trunking. It was probably easier extracting the cables than installing them in the first place, but it was a close run thing in terms of physical effort.


    These cables have now been coiled up and placed in a waterproof bag and the interconnection cable to “POD No2” will need to be excavated once the skip containing so many of our unwanted treasures is removed.
    Following some recent surgery Terry returned to our team this morning and continued the de-stoning of the garden beds behind the Platform 2 rear edging slabs. Ros was also on  Platform 2, extending the garden bed created a couple of weeks ago. This morning she planted some new species that she has brought on with some very health ground cover plants donated by Mary. With the recent cool and damp weather and regular watering, casualties have been few and some of the new arrivals are showing signs of having settled into their new location and prospering. Up on the embankment Tim and Lewis were tackling some well established tree roots that we do not wish to feature in our future plans for this area.
   Out on the Signal Box picnic area Andrew was strimming the weeds and trying to get the grass down to an acceptable height. Sadly with the damage done to this area last year when it was used as a storage area for backfill for Platform 2 and the old edging slabs, we can no longer cut it with our lawn mower as we used to.


  My thanks also to the Ledamun brothers for their work with “Billy Goat” and the lawn mower and to John for his work on our vegetable garden. It all looks very “ship shape”.
    For the next couple of weeks I will leave the report writing in other hands as Ros and I head for warm weather.

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