First Day of the Steam Gala

Dear Bill,

This is the first (I hope) of the reports from the team on the work at the station today and the wonderful locomotives that have been gracing us with their presence today. I regret that by the time I arrived at 0900hrs this morning I had missed the first run of P & O and the car park was already half full. Stephen was on gate duty with volunteers from other parts of the railway and within the hour our car park was full and we were directing our visitor’s cars onto the overflow car parking areas.

The Ledamun Brothers were working with Billy Goat and the lawn mower on Platform 1 and the front of house grassed areas – it all looked very tidy for our visitors who were still arriving by the busload at lunchtime.

I did not have too much time for train spotting and “glint” pictures – there were dozens of other camera wielding visitors doing that, so no doubt we will see a good sprinkling of their efforts in the railway press in the weeks to come. I did however take a moment to admire 46521 looking imaculate on Platform 1

You requested that those of us who were not otherwise gainfully employed supporting “revenue protection”, or car parking for the Gala today should make an effort to fill your skip with unwanted “stuff” and Andrew and I took you at your word to remove sanitary items and other really useful rubbish that has been languishing in the secure compound for nearly 20 years.

There is still plenty more “stuff” to go, but we did clear some shelf space for items that are currently more useful for our future projects – Oh yes and your skip is now nearly filled!.


One thought on “First Day of the Steam Gala

  1. I remember 46521 when it used to be on the SVR. Haven’t seen it look so good since. Bet it sounds better now without the A4 sounding Spanish whistle!!


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