Saturday 21st May 2016 – A Pot Pourrie of Posts

It was certainly a damp old day at CRCS, but, as ever the die hards turned out and some good progress was made. I had two contributions  towards todays blog post – from Tim Winstanley and Bob Stark – and they’re much appreciated!

Firstly from Tim:-


Dear Bill,

A slightly reduced turn out this morning: the weather was pretty blowy with some rain so not conducive to painting or other delicate tasks.  As such, various odd jobs were performed along with the standard activity for May to trying to keep up with and control the rampant growth of both the wanted and unwanted plants.  Highlights (or lowlights) of the morning’s activities included:

A team were working on the bank behind Platform 2, alternately strimming the nettles & weeds etc whilst trying to preserve the blend of wild flowers behind the newly instituted flower beds.  All very attractive: the flowers that is, and the team as well obviously!

Others were adjusting the 12 chambers on P2 to try and get each one simultaneously level, square and the same height as the platform edging.  The original Broadway Team swore than they were all perfectly aligned when originally installed and we CRC types claim that t’weren’t us that messed them up. (It’s known as the Albert & the Lion conclusion: ‘….no-one was really to blame….’.)  Anyway the chambers are now firmly fixed (I hope); all the interests of having a nice even platform surface when the long-anticipated tarmac is laid.  We live in hope.


Bill, having manfully negotiated the delivery of the a decent-sized skip, set us the challenge of filling it (with enough of the right stuff) but being careful not to transgress the huge list of things which were not to go in it (the wrong stuff).  Now I’d have thought that it would take about 5 minutes to locate enough junk at CRC to fill 5 skips but then again I don’t always have the right heritage mindset when it comes to knowing what to keep and what to chuck, so I kept well clear.  Anyway the skip was more than half full by lunchtime so I imagine we will have no difficulty filling the rest.  Always providing people don’t start removing to keep what others have discarded!

Equally valuably I noted that the garden pod was undergoing a major tidy and clear out!  Excellent work and one suspects that there are other areas with would benefit from similarly thorough approach (including my garage).

And finally (as the 2 Ronnies would have said) the lockable tool cupboard in the staff area – which according to Bob has been difficult to close since at least 1995 – has been fixed.  Seemingly one shelf clashed with the closure mechanism and a bit of mild reordering means that one no longer needs to apply a boot to close it.  Well done Mick!!

So, it’s good night from me and its goodnight from him.



And from Bob:-

A Damp Saturday at CRC

Dear Blog Meister,
    Another good turnout of CAG volunteers on a rather grey day. I suspect, however, that due to the closure of the Racecourse roundabout for resurfacing only the dedicated visitors made it to our station today.
    The Stark family were once again working on the embankments of Platform 2 taming the explosion of green matter that has occurred on the passenger facing slopes. Today we strimmed the grass (and weeds) up the Platform 2 ramp and carried out further excavation of some of the still growing stumps of unwanted self-seeded trees. The hope is that this year we can once again regain control of this embankment after many years of partial neglect following the demolition of the old platform.P1060296 2
On Platform 2 Mick and Tim were AGAIN leveling up the tops of the inspection chambers. (I will say AGAIN before one of the Broadway team do,  as they previously had carried out this task, but apparently we upset the levels when wiring in the lanterns). This time Mick and Tim fixed the adjustable chamber risers with set screws so they cannot move – all we need now is for the the platform to be given a top coat of asphalt – perhaps we can put it on our list for the Plc Santa? The image below shows the precision engineering in progress – OR is it Mick trying to contact his family in Australia with a prayer from Tim.
P1060294 2

Finally from my input today is an image of Bill’s skip. Bill with Stephen’s help has been trying rid the small ex-army containers of unwanted “stuff” in advance of their movement to permit the installation of a 20ft ex shipping container primarily for our estate and gardening materials. John Leeson has at the same time been weeding out our unwanted tools



And Finally, an extra from Bill
An enjoyable morning!
It was an enjoyable couple of hours at CRCS this morning, despite the damp conditions. Stephen, John and myself set to at having a Spring clean of the MOD Pods which contain a wonderful array of “useful” tools and materials. We seem to be nation of squirrels (not least myself!) but there is a time for having a jolly good sort out – and this was it! Thanks go to my chums who did most of the hard work.
There is a  stile adjacent to the pods  on the Racecourse side and I was able to view some rather reluctant walkers (hikers?) wending their way out into the country – not for me, me thinks – I will stick to the CAG volunteering!

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