Saturday 14th May 2016 and Such a Sunny Day!

A Blog Post From Tim Winstanley,
Dear Bill,
Another fine, sunny morning for working on a railway line!  I attach more photos and less text than usual!
There were 14 active volunteers and I attach a sadly out-of-focus copy of the list – which saves me writing all the names!
Mail Attachment
However, it was certainly a busy morning – both for the workers and the customers.
Ding, dong the fence is done!  Or at last the fence down the P1 ramp is painted for 2016 – we still have more fence to do elsewhere.  So no more fence blogging – you’ll be pleased to hear.
This is the final section:
Mail Attachment 3
Elsewhere much work was going on with gardening on P1 (fine tuning) and P2 (more rustic work this).  I attach some pictures of happy workers:
Mail Attachment 2Mail Attachment 4
The goat’s lair continued its refinement – what would a Saturday be without some angle grinding and painting!
Mail Attachment 5Mail Attachment
And here’s Bill, looking very happy for someone in a cage!
Mail Attachment 6
And my favourite for the day, with the suggestion that we run a Caption Competition.  Prize for the person who sends in the best (printable please!) version of what Mike was saying here:
Mail Attachment 2

Best so Far –

“It’s amazing how a little point lubricating oil enhances the flavour !!”

But I thought you said we were being paid when we got to here!”

“If the boss catches us, I will tell him that this donut is the first one I’ve had since the last one!”

Apologies for anyone which excellent efforts were not recorded and didn’t make it to the final blog.