Saturday 7th May 2016

Two reports today:-

From Tim Winstanley,

Dear Bill,

I said it would be the finest tap cover in Gloucestershire and sure enough here it is:

(As designed by M Best.)

It was at this point that my phone battery ran out – so no more pictures.  However, if Bill hasn’t already immortalised our activities in words or print then this morning was a variety session with the standard (but most valuable) platform sweeping, gardening (it is certainly looking very nice) and general maintenance.

Stark Associates – minus their senior member who was AWOL on holiday (again) – declared that they were not willing to dig yet another hole so were readily enlisted into the fence painting team – which constituted 4! Mike was manfully making his way down the concrete steps whilst Andrew, Lewis and I made more progress down the slope towards Platform 2.  Only 4 panels now to go so then end is in sight!!  Alas, one of our visitors commented that one of the panels at the top near the Ticket Office now needed re-doing;  I offered her the brush and paint pot.  Apart from that we had one particularly enthusiastic visitor who commented that it was the best station he visited (and he’d seen a few) and every time he came there were people maintaining things – perhaps he only comes on Saturday mornings?

Sadly, we can’t see the robin’s nest any more.  However, the daddy robin was around supervising (standing in for Bob?) and singing loudly and cheerfully.  I wondered aloud  if it was because his nestlings had grown up, left home and were no longer a burden on him and his mate?  This may, of course, be slightly Freudian wishful thinking on my own part.



Thanks Tim

And from yours truly:-

I was pleased to get back in the volunteering saddle today – the sun was shining, and it was a great day for continuing with, what seems to be, a never ending to-do list! There were 12 volunteers on site today, all keen to do their bit. When I arrived, the  front car park grass was getting its weekly trim from Bob and  Paul Ledamun – the  neatness of the stripes would have done a stately home proud.

Fence painting was the order of the day (again!), but the work was distributed around the troops somewhat, much to Tim’s relief (I think!). Here Mike Townsend works on the fence adjacent to the  staff access steps that descend to the southern end of platform 1.IMG_0691

Further down the the ramp, Tim aided and abetted by Andrew and Lewis (behind the fence) continued with the last quarter(?) of the job. Please note the bag of doughnuts  on the ground(supplied each week by Andrew), which are the standard currency for keeping the volunteers happy!IMG_0696

Stephen drew the short straw for weeding the gravel at the foot of the fence -its amazing how quickly they grow and low and behold there will be more waiting at home!


My morning was pleasurable enough putting second coat of paint on the roof of the Billy Goat barn. It never ceases to amaze me what  care and attention we lavish on these wonderful relics. I have visions of them still standing proud in another 100 years.


The newly painted fence sets off nicely the impending Gala Poster. I’m very impressed with the art work.

Also if your thinking about really whooping it up over the Gala Weekend why not go along to the Broadway Open Evening on the Friday night – everyone is welcome.

Open Evening Poster 2016(jpeg)

Extra! (I like gadgets!)

Can you keep fit volunteering? My Fitbit Tracker indicated that during my morning’s activity at CRCS I walked 4215 steps,  covering 1.93 miles and burned 1,450 calories! Can’t be bad!




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