From Tim Winstanley who I believe has been sniffing the paint for just  a bit too long!


Readers of the CRC blog will be familiar with my occasional fence painting inputs!  However, this morning – another fine and sunny occasion for slapping on a bit of black stuff – we reached a significant milestone: 50 panels painted, only 17 more to go!


The above picture may, of course, just look like yet another bit of freshly painted fence but, for those in the know, it shows that we are getting closer to platform level and must, therefore, be nearly finished.  What am I going to do on sunny spring mornings?

Today’s visitors to the railway were fairly sparse in number (a post-Bank Holiday lull one suspects) but full of cheery greetings and compliments. One gent even offered to take the brush and painted the top of a fence post himself.  I mused as to whether Michelangelo had the same responses when doing the Sistine Chapel?  (‘Ere mate, give us your brush a minute and you take a breather while I finish off that cherub for you….).  Anyway, all help was very gratefully received; there are only a few panels left if anyone else feels inclined to memorialise their skills in ‘oils’.


There was also a fair amount of laurel to trim back – in order that one could get at the fence to paint it – but luckily the variety we grow at CRC seems hardy enough to withstand even my limited gardening talents.  The above image is my haul of prunings, with the 1200 departure in the background and the end of the fence in sight.





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