Wednesday 27th April

A quick but no less welcome  post from Tim Winstanley today:-

There’s some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that:
         We shifted all the Cotswolds at War “props” into the loft of the Ticket Office for you thus saving your ailing body.
         We fixed a suitable length of capping to cover the Platform 2 telephone cables and firmly attached it to Platform 2. It is clear of the new signal draw wire.
         We removed all 4 old concrete privacy screen posts from the area of the foundations of the old Platform 2 toilet block and cleared them plus a fair amount of other debris down to the pile by the Signal Box.  Obviously, there is some stuff left in the ground, but this is not visible and can, I suggest, be removed when P2 building ‘renovations’ take place.  Anyway it looks a lot neater.
         Mick measured up the wood for his P2 tap cover – by the time it’s finished this will be the finest anywhere on the railway!
Sadly, the bad news was:
–         The post we intended to dig out was snapped off at ground level (not by us).  We have kept it for the moment – though you may decide we can manage with a photographic record and it too can be consigned to the heap.
–         Uniquely both Mick and I forgot to take our phones!  So we have no record for the blog.  I’ll write something anyway and either include an existing picture or drop in and take a couple tomorrow when walking the dog.
The coiled black cable on P2 which, if you recall, was wrapped around one of the concrete posts is now more neatly coiled in the hole where the post stood! Happy to be directed to enpipe (have I just invented a new (but useful for CAG) word?). 



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