Friday 22nd April 2016

Bob Stark reports:-
Dear Bill,
    Not a great deal to report today, but some small steps forward for our infrastructure and for our preparations for the Cotswolds at War event this weekend.
    Our electrician Ben met me at the station just before lunch to install the new circuit breakers in our electricity power supply. These units replace two RCDs that have in the past given us problems when a relatively minor event, such as a light bulb blowing, has plunged the whole station into darkness  Given that they are currently located in a power supply cabinet atop the embankment on Platform 2 and on the wrong side of our boundary fence this is a difficult event to deal with in the dark.
    Neil Carr advised that occasionally the signal box had suffered the same fate, so we decided to remove both RCDs at the same time and replace them with less problematic circuit breakers. This is quite safe as each building on the station has its own consumer unit fitted with volunteer protecting RCDs. In the image below Ben was just tightening up the final connections on the new Signal Box circuit breaker.
    Whilst we were working on the electricity supply Dave Griffin was finishing his Booking Office preparations for the event tomorrow and electric hotplates, pans and other catering equipment for the refreshment stall on Platform 1 tomorrow arrived from Toddington.
    John Leeson was also on site making the final preparation to his Dig for Victory garden and I am pleased to announce that the plastic chicken has taken up residence in the garden’s small hen house.
      Finally I collected the primroses donated by Vic  Smith following my appeal for wild flowers for the embankments of Platform 2. My thanks to Vic for bring them down from Broadway yesterday and to Mary Harris for receiving them at CRC and putting them into temporary survival “accommodation”.
    Now lets hope for dry weather for the weekend and the opportunity for some really newsworthy images for our followers to enjoy.
(Aka: CRC ARP Warden tomorrow – “Put out that light”)

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