Ready for War?

 Todays report from Bob Stark:-
Dear Bill,
    With the weather forecast for this morning fine a small team of us managed to decorate the station for the forthcoming Wartime in the Cotswolds event this weekend. Ros and Maurice erected our strings of bunting around the station environs – could this be described as buntifiying the estate?
We also erected the various props, such as the unexploded bomb, (UXB) that David Miles and his colleagues had prepared for our station. The collapsed section of wall for most of the year is an eyesore, but it does come into its own for the wartime events.


David had been busy earlier in the week bringing down straw filled sandbags and erecting a protective gun emplacement on Platform 1. This morning David finished painting the Anderson shelter and this will be surrounded by sandbags and covered with a camouflage net during the event. When we left David at lunchtime he was busy placing sticky tape crosses on the windows of the Platform 1 building to prevent flying glass in the event of a “near miss”.


The station was not entirely devoid of steamy action this morning with Dinmore Manor and a trainload of Firers, Drivers and friends with us for half an hour before departing back to Toddington. We hope that they enjoyed the decorated station and that they realise that we do not do this for everyone.


As can be seen from the image below John Leeson’s “dig for victory” garden is doing well and has been enhanced for the weekend event with a small hen house. We anticipate a that said “house” will be occupied during the weekend with a reproduction hen.
All we need now is fair weather for the weekend and a good turnout of visitors to make this popular event a great success for another year. Watch this space for action images from the event in the days to come.

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