The ‘Checks’ in the Post

A report from Tim  Winstanley,

Another fine morning for fence painting!  That’s 44 ‘panels’ done and only 23 to go – so we are well past the half way mark.  Happily it was jolly busy with passengers – a school party and several coach-loads of pensioners.  I collected a few more witticisms along the way, and answered a few questions (including: “How do I get to B&Q?” for which I provided alternative directions to Screwfix).

As a bit of relief from the tedium of black ‘paint’ I took a spade and had a dig around one of the posts which we wish to remove from behind P2.  You will recall the suggestion that we extract one whole as a heritage exemplar of what they look like, for possible future reproduction.

Whilst we established on Saturday are fairly easy to demolish with the sledge hammer I found out today that they aren’t going to be easy to dig out!  I have another suggestion – Semtex and launch them into a low earth orbit! I am afraid 15 minutes digging produced a small hole and very little play in the leaning post – maybe I was unlucky but I think they are buried deep.  Perhaps we need to recruit younger, fitter, stronger assistants? However, I did take some photos for the archive – see below and attached!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Neither Mick and I will be up one day next week and complete this task.  Hopefully before the rubble pile at the end of P2 has been removed – there is plenty more detritus to add to it.







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