Monday 11th April – All is quiet on the Western Front

Bob Stark reports:-

Dear Bill,
Slim blogworthy pickings today as the weather defied the forecast. It was very wet and miserable at the station this afternoon and the small branches brought down by the gales yesterday were all down the access ramp. Sadly though not a day for our Billy Goat.
In the Ticket Office Dave Griffin was painting his new sign for Platform 1 in undercoat and advised me that the peace and lack of interruptions was most welcome – I took the hint and at that point I made myself scarce.
Down at track level Malcolm Walker and friend from the S&T department were working in the signal box, but they too were unimpressed with weather outside.
The heavy rain has resulted in a mini Zambezi flow of water from the Racecourse onto our crossing and into the track bed as can be seen below.

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