Monday 4th April – the Monday Crew + Camel!

Bob Stark reports:- A short pictorial report today on the activities of the “Monday Crew” at CRC who miss out on the “blog”as their management seem to be reticent with pen and and camera. Before the rain started I was able to find the following activities under way at the station this afternoon:
Mary Harris tending to our entrance garden beds:
Chris and Lynne cleaning and repainting the Platform 1 white line. This is an morale destroying task as the far end seems to come closer ever so slowly (Ros and I know from past experience):


Dick and Mike clearing the platform without the assistance of the “Billy Goat” and once again seeking assurance from management that favourable terms will be arranged for their redundancy brought about by their replacement by the four wheeled machine:
Roger painting the roof of “Billy Goat’s” barn (aka the Lamp Hut)


And finally a new arrival to the station environs who may be able to assist with the ongoing problem of transporting passengers from Cheltenham Racecourse Station to the Service D bus on the Park and Ride car Park.


The animal above I believe to be a Bactrian camel. It was enjoying the grass just outside our car park this afternoon  and will be performing adjacent to the Cheltenham Station with Circus Mondao from Tuesday (6 Apr) for 6 days. As part of our educational remit I attach below some words of wisdom from the internet about the Bactrian camel.
The Bactrian camel is believed to have been domesticated (independently of the dromedary) sometime before 2500 BC, is believed likely to have lived in northern Iran, northeastern Afghanistan, or southwestern Turkestan. The wild population of Bactrian camels was pioneered by Nikolai Przhevalsky in the late 19 Century.  Bactrian camels have been in the center of the arts throughout history. In particular, it was found that a population of wild Bactrian camel live in a part of the Gobi Gashun region of the Gobi Desert.

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