Platform 2 Lighting Inspection

Dear Bill,
    The culmination of many weeks of work by Mick and Tim, wiring in the Platform 2 lanterns and providing a ready access to mains electricity on Platform 2 took place this morning with the inspection of our installations by an NiCEIC certified electrician. Ben from BMJ Electrical installations  inspected all aspects of the installation and the safety measures employed in the supply wiring from the station input cabinet to the Ticket Office
    Ben started with the testing of the newly relocated and installed switching cabinet. As some of the tests involved forcing the safety trips to interrupt the supply at the correct simulated fault current levels, there were a few interesting moments when the main site supply decided to trip first (it should not have done so)!


    The end extremities of the lighting circuits were then tested and we are pleased to be able to report that all the results obtained were “within spec” and we were given a pass on the new lighting/power installation. The paper work to back up this claim will be delivered in the next couple of weeks or so.
    Thus……….we are pleased to advise that another long running project has now been successfully completed – that’s 3 this week and time for a rest !!
    My thanks to Mick and Ben for their specialist work this morning, to Brian Mason in the Booking Hall and Anne in the shop/waiting room for working around the unanticipated interruptions.
Bob Stark