Tuesday 22nd March 2016 an a Bone to Pick….

Bob Stark writes:-
Dear Bill,
So much has been happening to move things forward at CRC Station since the weekend that I felt moved to put digit to keyboard for an update. On Tuesday 22 March Severn Trent Water arrived to connect up the dedicated new water supply to the Loco Department water treatment plant at our station. This task has been “ongoing” for a long time and has been required as with lower summer water pressure in the mains we have had supply problems for both the loco water treatment plant and for our “facilities” on Platform 1.
P1060077Completion of the task involved much trench digging within the station and the excavation of  a fair sized hole adjacent to the very busy Evesham Road bridge, so was left until after the Cheltenham Festival was over. This morning (Wednesday) in the best of British traditions the traffic lights to control the traffic to single lane on our bridge were working, but not a single member of the contractors were to be seen. I hope we do not get the blame for this traffic congestion!
The good news is that the pipes have now been connected and a new meter installed. In due course we assume the excavations will be backfilled.
I was present at the station this morning to take delivery of our new “Billy Goat”, not the variety that provides cream cheese, but the mechanical variety that sucks up leaves and pine needles.
This much awaited new arrival could not be housed until we had an appropriate secure venue to contain it and will be pressed into action once it has been assembled, instructions read and operator briefings given. This should make the life of our pine needle sweepers less physical, but a bit noisier.
It was interesting today to see so many families with young children were traveling on our steam service, some schools at least must have broken up early for Easter. They were watched by Tim on his knees painting our wooden fencing on the Platform 1 ramp


And finally our mystery question of the day.  This large raw bone (ie NOT Jurassic) was spotted this morning at the bottom of the Platform 1 embankment. It seems too large to have been brought in by a wild animal, or even thrown over our fence by a hungry punter last week. It is well gnawed – any guesses??



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