“Twas the morning after the night before”

Bob Stark reports:-
Less than 12hrs after the last racegoers had been escorted from the final day of the Cheltenham Festival, the teams of “Wombles” had cleared away most of the mountains of litter and contractors were busy removing much of the temporary infrastructure, broadcasting vans, etc, that had been put in place for the week of jump racing that makes the Cheltenham Festival one of the greatest racing meetings in the world.
    Members of the Cheltenham Area Group were also up early and about as the somewhat careworn Platform 1 running in board had to be removed for collection by Building and Services for a much needed face lift for the new Railway operating season. Stephen, Tim and others were at the station to meet an early pickup time from the B&S collection team. When Bob arrived the board was patiently waiting for collection.


Mick completed the last small “tweeks” to our new Platform 2 electricity cabinet by replacing the supplied mini circuit breakers with new ones, more appropriate to the loading of the circuits they are protecting. All is now ready for inspection by our certified electrician and another significant project milestone will have been met. With this project now complete Tim and Mick set about tidying up the water supply pipe close to the new electrical cabinet on Platform 2 and installed a wooden support for the pipe and a future tap. This little task has only been waiting for someone to undertake since Bob installed the service manhole covers on Platform 2 in 1996! – It had definitely matured and come of age. As can be seen Tim was keeping his fingers well away from the sledge hammer wielding Mick. A subsequent image (not displayed here) shows Tim tapping the top of the post with less well known short handled grip of the hammer and Mick standing an even greater distance away.


     David and Mary cleared the gardener’s “glory hole” between the two ex Army containers which currently provide the limited secure storage available for our mtools, wheelbarrows etc. It is hard to believe, but before we started to lock up our wheelbarrows we would come down to the station and find that the wheels and axles had been stolen. Over the years and hidden by sections of fencing this little area has become a dumping ground for various horticulture related articles whose future use is seriously questioned. The area is now being cleared in advance of the Group acquiring a 20foot ex-shipping container to provide much needed new storage space
    Andrew and Bob finished the excavation of the hole for the new service chamber at the signal box end of Platform 2 and installed the new chamber and pipe work. With excavation back filled this is another job that can be removed from the Spring task list.
    Terry continued de-stoning the earth at the rear of the edging strips on Platform 2 and Bill was again at work with his wire brush on the spear fencing at the top of the Platform 1 ramp


Out on the estate the Ledamun brothers, and Mike were fighting the never ending battle against the pine needles and seemed somewhat doubtful that the promised “Billy Goat” leaf vacuum will ever arrive as they rested on their brooms today.  Have faith chaps we are awaiting a delivery date for the beast.


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