Gold Cup Day 18th March 2016

Bill writes:-

On the final day of the  Festival Meeting, it seemed appropriate to try and capture some the Cheltenham Racecourse Station action.  As with the other  Festival race days the challenge is to safely get two full trains in, unloaded and out again within the hour. It’s no mean feat and all the GWR Volunteers  on duty rise to the challenge of keeping the racing punters happy and safe.

gwrcagcctv.ddns.net_09_2016031811244162711.27 Here 5542 brings the first train (Chocolate and Cream rake). The challenge is then to encourage the  merry (some literally!) racegoers off the train  and away to their afternoon’s racing.

The picture  below  gives an indication of the numbers involved.


11 42 Here  7820 (Dinmore Manor) arrives  (below) with the second train (Maroon rake)

gwrcagcctv.ddns.net_05_2016031811394650011:43 Dinmore has a clear road into Platform 1, the first train (now  hopefully empty of passengers!) having been move on to the South Head shunt, beyond the Evesham Road Bridge.


12:13 Having unloaded the racegoers from the second train , Dinmore  Manor couples up to the first rake  and heads off to Toddington. 5542  then runs around the  2nd rake and similarly heads back to Toddington , both to get ready for the return trips at the end of the day.


In the meantime the Crossing Monitors need eyes front and back to ensure the safe movement of racegoers across the tracks.




Platform 1 with the 2 returning trains – not quite fitting in!




3 thoughts on “Gold Cup Day 18th March 2016

  1. Very interesting, I always wondered how the race trains were organised into and out of the station. Just think when P2 is operating we could run 3 trains each way!! Graham


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