Day 1 at the Cheltenham Festival

Dear Bill,
    I am grateful to Mick Best for the content of this report and for his work on Platform lighting in between marshaling the crowds passing over our busy level crossing at the Cheltenham Signal Box.
    Tuesday morning saw the first of our Railway’s special “At The Races” trains from Toddington to the Racecourse. This is what our station was built for and in years to come we will no doubt see even more arrivals coming via this road friendly alternative transport means.


Mick’s image above shows Great Western locomotive 5542 in charge of the 1st morning special train coming into the Racecourse station the driver having just passed the “staff” to the signalman.
    After the last morning incoming train of passengers Mick left his patrol duties and carried on with the installation of the final piece of the electrical jigsaw in the Platform 2 control cabinet  successfully completing the connection of the mains power supply to the cabinet.


As can be seen from the image above, having first tested the operation of the protection RCD inside the right hand side power supply consumer unit we tested the connection of the new supply by plugging in a recently tested piece of equipment – it all worked as it was supposed to – thank you Mick.
    Mick then tested the resistance of the lantern circuits that have been installed over the last 3 months and replaced all the supplied Halogen lanterns lamps with low energy LED bulbs. The system was then powered up and the Platform 2 lighting switched on for the first time. The culmination of recent weeks of digging, wiring and rock moving and the earlier installation work carried out by the Broadway builders is there for all to see in this final image below taken as the last train pulls out under the watchful eye of the Station Master Dave Griffin.

    The Platform 2 Lantern circuit was then switched off and is scheduled for safety testing in the near future by an NiCEIC certified electrician. For the time being the Platform 2 lighting has been isolated from the station lighting, but will be reconnected following this certification.