Sunday 13th March 2016

Bob reports:-
A short offering today. Chris Howl who has cut down the undergrowth (and some substantial trees) from one end of our line to the other, very kindly agreed to come to the Racecourse Station today to cut up the fallen tree on the Platform 2 ramp. We reported this wind damage in an earlier entry to our “blog”.
Chris’s very sharp blade made short work of the tree and it was quickly reduced to a pile of kindling and logs. Thanks Chris, that is another job promptly removed from the CAG volunteer “action” list.
As we were enjoying a cup of tea Stephen Wilson arrived with his car and some of the logs are already “off-site” and heading for his wood pile. Another visitor entertained to tea was Jo Roesen who collected our cast iron letters (H,E,L and a small S) to assist with the production of the Hailes Abbey halt Running in board. I have repeated this item here to ensure that we do not forget to nudge Jo in due course if the letters do not return to Cheltenham.

Chris Howl in action (DMU in the background)

2 thoughts on “Sunday 13th March 2016

  1. Hi Bill,

    Nice to see you back working on the railway again. Many thanks for the blog.

    Just wondered if anyone has asked the racecourse owners if they would be prepared to “donate” the cost of tarmacking platform two, as this would enable more passengers and ease congestion on the roads on race days.


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