5th March 2016 – Good Progress!

Bob Stark reports:-

Good progress albeit on the Platform 2 lighting project there was one step backwards and two forward!
The first image is of the wildlife refuge wood file created last week. In due course the spaces under the branches will provide habitat for small mammals and reptiles – especially once the grass has grown long amongst the branches.
On the lighting project front a thought that at a future date we will have to illuminate the Platform 2 ramp caused the project leader to request that the previously buried supply duct be re-excavated and a new chamber inserted to allow future cables to be diverted up the ramp adjacent to the wall – one step backwards. As can be seen from this image, said project leader was on the opposite platform whilst the excavation took place – a pragmatic decision that prevented him from hearing the bad words being spoken. This work, the 3rd excavation of the duct in recent memory follows previous GWR practice – if a job is worth doing it is worth doing it 3 times!!!
The two steps forward was the installation of the switching and some wiring of the cabinet by Mick and the completion of the above reducting work by Tim, Andrew and Lewis.
The lower image shows the installation of a new notice board on the Pl1 building by Stephen Wilson and Bill Britton. This will provide more information to our passengers on the “loco(s) of the day” all helping to improve their day out experience.

He went to Specsavers….

Finally on our first day of operations this season there was the usual crop of infrastructure niggles to be resolved – despite much earlier testing. As they say in the theatre “it was all right on the night”.

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