Monday 29th February 2016

Bob Stark reports:-


A bit more progress today for Tim and I. The box is concreted into position and the inlet duct connected to the box. We are hoping to start wiring the box in on Saturday. The stone walling is more problematical (for me at least). Tim has had heritage dry stone walling training, albeit up north(I believe).Whatever the training one has had does not take away from the fact that being iron slag, the stones are extremely heavy and oddly shaped. Soon I fear Tim will be as broken a man as I am!
Tim responds to the red rag!
Whaddya mean: ’albeit up north’???!!!  My wife – who is from Windsor – suggests that the charitable interpretation of this comment is that I am unused to the local stone and conditions.  I have to say I did resist various suggestions this morning that we use some black mortar, utilise the angle grinder to get stones to fit, knock ‘em in with a lump hammer etc etc.
Good fun though, and I hope to pop back later in the week to try to make a bit more progress.
Yours, potentially physically in bits,
All good fun…….

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