The Final preparations before the New Running Season

Bill reports:-

8 volunteers on site today, all with specific tasks in mind. Freshly renovated/painted signs (courtesy of Dave G) were getting their finishing touches, and being mounted on their posts and brackets.

In the Ticket Office Dave T was setting out the CAG magazine, journals  and books stall, hoping for another successful season ahead.

On platform 2, Tim and Mick continued to dig for victory in order to secure the electrical box posts which will event
P1040991ually provide the power source for the platform 2 lampposts. The work consisted of creating the new outlet (the brown one) from the power underground chamber (the middle one of the three covers) for the lighting and power cabinet for Platform 2. The excavations on either side of the pipes are where the supports for the new cabinet will be situated. When the cabinet is in place the slag stone wall will be rebuilt around it.



Finally in time honoured volunteer style Steve and I  got a good bonfire going (eventually) to start the burning of the laurel bush cut down earlier in the week.

Steve “tidying” the embers at the end of the shift


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