15th- 16th February 2016 and Good Progress on Several Fronts

A report from Bob Stark:-

    A great deal has happened in the last 2days, so a quick update for you.
Monday: Dave and Lyn were again clearing pine needles from the track bed to prevent fires when we reopen and Roger finished his last bench in the waiting room on Pl 1. Dave G was working through the last of the station signs – in between being hauled off to deal with one emergency, or another. Following an “incident” involving youths and our rolling stock the Dave(s) had to put out a small fire on a wooden sleeper down the Hunting Butts Cutting. In trying to find some water Bob opened the door of the Water tank only to find that the frost had popped a coupler and water was flowing freely everywhere. Bob now knows where all the stop cocks are and needs to pass on this knowledge!!! He found also that we also need a “Tee” key for the station to turn off water in the stop cock holes.
 Bob removed the remaining lanterns for our Pl 2 lights from Ticket Office attic and put them down in the Pl 1 building ready for erection on Wednesday The cardboard is in POD 2 ready to light bonfires. Following Bill’s assessment with Stephen on where a CAG storage container should go Brian and John cut down a couple of self seeded hawthorn trees that currently sit between the two “pods”. Maurice, John and Brian soon dispatched these and whilst they were in the mood they agreed to pollard the giant laurel that sits at the bottom of the ramp on Pl 2. This was last done in the mid 1990s by Tom Cullimore. We were left with a huge pile of  branches on Pl 2.   At some stage Peter Parlett returned the ventilator cowl for the lamp hut and  having fitted it, it looks great. There is now no excuse for not completing the painting!
Tuesday:  Having been instructed by Peter Parlett on the water stop cocks, Bob turned on the water supply for the signal box. This was urgently required to provide liquid refreshment for Malcolm Walker’s large S&T team who were finishing painting/greasing and generally “tarting” up our signals at CRC (they look great). These will need a final rub down and paint on Saturday.The new wire run down the platform is actually for the new disc signal in the cutting and for possible home/section signals for a southern extension.   Other than that the shop is ready to go when we reopen. image004Andrew Stark and Ros tackled the large heap of laurel cuttings, chopping them into smaller pieces and piling them on the Pl 2 ramp ready for a bonfire on Saturday. Peter Parlett returned and the mystery of the “flood” in the water tower was explained. Peter remedied some of the emergency work that Bob had had done on Monday and offered the latter further instruction on the stop cock situation. At the same time as we were working on Pl 2 CRC groundmen were clearing out all the old GWR and BR fencing from the Pl 2 embankment ready for a new fence to be installed by contractors later this week.
The big news is that Mick and Tim completed the instalation of the lanterns on the lamp posts on Pl 2 image002Bob got the honour of being aloft with the last lantern. image003
Now for the installation of the control box in the Pl 2 wall.
A super few days that has moved things along, thank you everyone. If I have missed out anyone – apologies.

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